Established over 30 years ago, Sukkahmart’s goal was to bring the Mitzva of sukkot to everyone. We found arba minim being sold for £40, when we knew that we could bring it to you for less by cutting out the middle man-and his mark up, we were able to bring you that same arba minim for just £9.99. Why we do it We believe that having a lulav and etrog is for everyone-not just the elite. We know it’s important to you to observe the festival the way that it was intended. When we branched out into the sukkot market years ago, we made it our goal at that time to make sure that everyone could celebrate theMitzvot of sukkot the way they should! Innovation We bring you quality items at reasonable prices. We continue to anticipate and meet your needs, with innovative products like a sukkah roof, enabling you to be in your booth even in the rain, and the safari sukkah, portable so that you can take it with you while on a holiday! One stop shop We carry everything you need for the festival. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop sukot shop. In addition to arba minim, we cover festival decorations, lighting, rain roofs, and carry our own brand of Schach, made especially for us to keep your cost low. We know that in today’s modern time, with our fast paced lives, finding time to slow down and have a deliberate celebration of sukkot is something that is a priority for you. Special time with family & yom tov meals, are difficult to plan around work schedules and school activities. It’s our goal to provide you with what you need, at a cost that you can afford.

Sukkahmart has been servicing the UK community for over 25 years