Sukkah Construction

Can I join two or more Sukkahs together?
The Deluxe and Super Sukkahs cannot be joined together. The Hard-walled Sukkah is modular and you can make it to any size which you need - each ‘panel’ is either 1 or 2 Meters wide. Please drop us an email for a custom size.
Can I join two Rain roofs together?
Rain roofs cannot be joined together as they overlap over the sides of the Sukkah.
Can my Sukkah be placed flush against the wall of my house?
Any Sukkah can be placed flush against a wall. However, if you are using a rain roof, the roof juts out 25cm beyond the side walls of the Sukkah. Hard-Walled Sukkahs can be attached to a wall for extra strength with a bracket.
Can Permanent Schach be cut down to size?
If Permanent Schach is too big, it can either overlap another piece of Schach or stick out of the Sukkah. Should you need to fit it into a tight space, it can be cut down widthways, but not lengthways. However, if your Schach mat is too long, it can just be folded back over itself to double up. For example, if your Permanent Schach roll is 1.6M x 3M, it can be cut to 1.2M x 3M. If the 3M length is too long, it can be folded back over to any length.
Can a Rain Roof be attached to a non-Sukkahmart Sukkah?
A Rain Roof can be Attached to a different Sukkah, provided the size is correct. You will require additional brackets for this and the Sukkah needs to be strong enough to hold the roof.
The sukkahs are shipped from the 13th of Sept and onward. Usually on a first come first served basis. Depending on the number of orders it will usually take 2-3 days to be dispatched. 
Can a Rain Roof fit a different (non-standard) size?
Rain Roofs are made in four standard sizes to fit Sukkahmart Sukkahs. They can be adjusted slightly (approximately 50cm) smaller both lengthways and widthways but cannot be made bigger.
Can I extend my Sukkah in future years?
The Deluxe and Super Sukkahs cannot be extended. The Hard-Walled Sukkah can be extended in future years by purchasing an extension kit. This is only available in-store in The Golder Green, Stamford Hill and Manchester main branches.

More Information

Can I choose where my door goes on my Sukkah?
The door on the Deluxe and Super Sukkahs cannot be moved. The door on these Sukkahs is always next to the corner on the right of the longest side. The door of the Hard-Walled Sukkah can be placed anywhere in the Sukkah. However, we recommend that you keep it next to a corner of the Sukkah for strength.
Can a Sukkah be placed out in the open?
Sukkahs need to be placed in a yard which protects it from strong winds. If placed out in an open area, winds can blow the Sukkah over, especially if it has a rain-roof on. If you are planning on putting a Sukkah out in an open area, we recommend that you use the Super Sukkah and weigh it down with sandbags on the bottom bars.


Are your Sukkahs Guaranteed?
Yes, all Sukkahmart Sukkahs carry a 5-year warranty. If any parts of your Sukkah have been damaged, please visit oone of our main branches (Golders Green & Manchester.) for a free replacement.
What do I do if I have lost parts of my Sukkah?
You can purchase spare sukkah parts in one of our main branches (Golders Green & Manchester.)
Do you put up / dismantle Sukkahs?
Sukkahmart does not offer this service. There are various people who offer this service around town, and, though Sukkahmart does not endorse any installers, a list of these installers is available on our website.
How long does shipping take?
Please see the shipping page here.